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From Grade School to Grad School

EPL Brings Out the Best in Every Student!

96% of OUR students get accepted!

EPL, the preeminent educational consulting group in Costa Rica, coaches, counsels, and preps students towards gratifying academic and professional careers through higher education.

With 13 plus years of experience and the most skilled professional tutors, 96% of EPL students have been accepted to one of their top choice schools.

EPL’s multilingual tutors prepare students for all levels of education. SAT prep, high school tutoring, and application consultancy for both the undergraduate and graduate levels are just some of the services that EPL provides.

For more information, fill out the form below or contact EPL via e-mail: info@eplcr.com, locally in Costa Rica +506.2231.3062 or via Vonage at +1917.463.3542.

EPL is committed to the success of its students and families.

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