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epl is an educational consulting group based in Costa Rica. We provide standardized test prep, academic tutoring, and admissions counseling.


Our services include preparation for standardized exams, academic tutoring, and admissions counseling.


Our tutors are highly qualified to help you prepare for both standardized tests and a broad range of academic subjects. Click on the icon above to read their profiles.


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Einstein Prep and Learning or epl is the preeminent educational consulting group with a strong presence throughout the Americas. Our talented counselors and tutors excel at coaching, counseling, and preparing students for gratifying academic and professional careers through higher education.

With experience in admissions and test prep since 2002, epl is proud that more than 90% of our clients are admitted to at least one of their top three school choices.

epl’s tutors and counselors prepare students for all levels of education. Standardized test prep, high school and university tutoring, application consultancy for both the undergraduate and graduate students, resume and cover letter review and vocational guidance are just some of the services that we provide.


Application Process - Undergraduate and Graduate

Whether it’s school selection, application preparation, essay brainstorming and editing or overall strategy, epl does it all.


We support all IB, AP and MEP subjects, and offer tutoring in math, science, English, Spanish, social sciences, etc.

EPL Kids & English Enrichment

We specialize in working with toddlers, children, high school students and beyond as they explore and master the English language.

Vocational Guidance & Internships

Take the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory assessments and receive personalized coaching. We also coordinate internships and shadowing experiences.

Summer, Immersion & Gap Year Programs

Let us guide you in planning your vacation and free time wisely to demonstrate interests and highlight talents in meaningful ways.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Preparation

Prepare for the recruitment process by leaving nothing to chance. We will help you find your distinct advantage and promote your strengths.

Study Skills and Academic Support

Let our educational psychologist work with your child to strengthen study skills and overcome learning challenges.


Grade school or high school, epl runs a holistic homeschool program following the U.S. and/or Costa Rican educational systems.